Chicken Coop Kits - Building Chicken Coop From Scratch

If you need a hen house, you have a few options available to you. Certainly, the most obvious solution is to buy a premade coop, though this can be very expensive. An alternative is to build your own coop (CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE) from scratch using nothing but the necessary raw materials. This has the advantage of allowing you full control over the design of the coop and you may even save some money. The downside is the considerable time you will need to spend designing and building it. A very useful middle ground is to be found in purchasing chicken coop kits, which are the subject of this article.

Size and design

Chicken coop kits can be had in many different varieties. In fact, you can find at least as much variety among them as you can among the premade types. The most obvious difference is the size. You can choose among different kits to find one that suits your particular needs perfectly. Rather than be forced to put up with a hen house that is too small for your livestock or too large for your location, you can choose one that fits just right and offers the best value for money. One very popular design is the movable coop. These are intended for housing chicks and just a few adult chickens. For those who are new to the experience, these can be very useful, as they avoid the permanence of the larger kits and allow for easy relocation.

Build quality, durability and miscellaneous concerns

After you have chosen a suitable size for your chicken coop kits, you will likely still be faced with a choice. Some of the kits will be more expensive than other kits are. It is worth avoiding the temptation to go for the cheapest model. Build quality and durability are extremely important properties for hen house builds since the birds not only need to be kept in place but also protected from predators. Keeping the foxes out may take more than the cheapest kits provide. Sturdy, reliable protection is worth the extra cost, so take a good look at the design of the parts and their apparent quality when you make your decision. Finally, other issues to consider include lighting and ventilation. Some lights offer decent heat production at night, which helps to keep your chickens healthy. High quality air is also vital, so try to avoid designs that will create a stuffy or stagnant atmosphere inside.


DIY chicken coop kits can be an excellent way of getting good value for money. Compared to buying a premade kit, you can save some cash. Compared to building from scratch, you can save yourself time and effort. The size of the coop is not the only thing that matters. Chicken coop kits also vary in their design and general quality. Choosing a good quality model will give lasting value and a much better experience overall. With the right size hen house, sturdy build quality, good lighting and good ventilation, both you and your chickens will be healthy and happy.

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